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Apparently, they're planning on building a new Harry Potter theme park. I was able to convince my husband to go to "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Orlando this past year and it was a great experience. But there were a lot of things they needed to work on and the place could definitely have been bigger and better. So this makes me beyond excited for two reasons. (1) I love Harry Potter. (2) I love Los Angeles.

So, basically, I have a feeling that I'm going to be camping out in LA for about 2 weeks around 2015.

Full article can be found HERE.

Date: 2011-12-12 06:58 am (UTC)
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My friend told me about HP world in CA recently. She said that they are thinking of having Gringots and maybe a Gringot's bank vault ride... because of the earthquakes, rides need to be indoors. This made me really excited because the FIRST think I thought when I heard about HP theme parks was... well it was that I wanted to ride a dragon and a broomstick BUT after that it was that I couldn't wait to ride in a cart at Gringot's bank. Hope that happens.

I've heard they are expanding the Florida theme park also.

Date: 2011-12-12 05:30 pm (UTC)
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That's exactly what my son and I have been saying ever since we watched HP:7. That Florida should have had a Gringotts ride.

Ideally, they should make the CA one very different from the FL one (who folks will want to go to both). Instead of Hogwarts, they should have the Burrow. And the Weasley twins' shop.

They definitely need to tinker with the one in FL. The wand shop is TINY and it's not worth the wait. And the shops are all attached to a ride, so it's impossible to go into the shop on your own.


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