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Real Life has a been a b***h so I haven't had a chance to post here (or wander around) in a LOOONNNGGG time. It doesn't help that I write a lot for grad school now (and it's performance appraisal time at work so I'm writing a lot for that, too) and so I just don't want to come on here to write for the hell of it.

But I miss you all (really missing the Smallville fandom lately) so I thought I'd post a bit about random things and see what you all are up to....

Smallville comic book Season 11: YEAH, BABY. I read all the comments in my post about it and I can see that there are some mixed feelings. That makes PERFECT sense to me. I have mixed feelings too! On the one hand, I'm really happy that they're continuing the story in canon (everyone knows what a canon fanatic I am) but -- Chloe Sullivan-Queen? Really? When Clark and Lois are still engaged??!?!?! Why, universe??? Why???? I'm definitely buying every single one that comes out - however long it lasts - and hope to post my thoughts here after every release.
Question: What is the number one thing you hope that BQM will explore in the comics? I mean, other than Clois sexing.

Once Upon a Time:  I hate to say it but I'm over it already. I hate what they're doing to this show -- it's getting very tedius and boring. It also has the problem that the plot is not moving and they put Mary Margaret and David in an ADULTEROUS affair. Not cool, TPTB, not cool. Or romantic for that matter. I haven't watched for the past two weeks and am torn on whether or not to watch the season finale.

Parks & Rec: Continues to be the one of the most awesome shows EVAH. I love it - any fans out there? If not, go run and find this gem of a show and catch up!

Mad Men: It's almost BACK!!! Cannot wait.

Magic Bites Series: Recently read Ilona Andrews' series about Kate Daniels. I don't know what it is about "urban fantasy" but it really doesn't satisfy me -- I feel like the work is so derivative. I find that odd, since I eat up paranormal romances which are usually considered to have less depth that UF. I found the Kate Daniels' series to be terribly uneven with a main character who had a tendency to do thing that I consider "To Stupid to Live" behaviour. I also thought the first book was not very good and was kind of bad at creating the world. I thought the 3rd book was by far the best.

I am massively shipping Curran/Kate - but I do think the spark kind of went out of there relationship after she moved into the Keep with him.

Hunger Games: Cannot wait for the movie to come out. My husband actually read the series so I'm looking forward to seeing it with him.

The Immortals: I just watched this on DVD and it was bad. Like REALLY BAD. And it's really making me scared about what Cavill is going to do with Clark Kent.

Justice League: Doom: I almost want to do an entire post devoted to the review of this animated movie, but I'll just list it out here in synopsis. Loved the small glimpse of Lois Lane... like the premise and it was well made. But I thought that Batman got away with his "files" just a little TOO easily. I am so sick of Batman being the most awesome member of the JL. He's like the LANA LANG of the Justice League.

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