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Wow... so... wow.

That was incredibly short. Very, very short. I was wondering why a person would wait until May to read the first "collection" of stories and now I realize why. Because absolutely nothing happens in the first section.

Well, that's not entirely accurate. Or fair, I suppose. It's a fairly typical "cold open" that would happen before the opening credits on the show. The idea is to give the readers an update on what everyone is up to. There's a radio playing the background (exposition, I suppose) that's talking about how the world has changed since Superman arrived.

I had some issues with Chloe and Oliver making out on the balcony. I'm not gonna lie or pretend that I suddenly like Chloe & that it makes any sense whatsoever that she's married to Ollie. Much like I used to when watching the show, I tuned this portion out. (Although, the drawing captured Mack and Hartley fairly well, I think.)

Lois makes an appearance. In a manner of speaking. She's sleeping (and wearing a Superman shirt while doing so, but of course) and she's muttering nonsense in her sleep. Specifically, "Barrister... stole my rabbit...". And "Show YOU... some tacos....".

And that's it. Lois's scene is done. Honestly, she doesn't look much like Durance.

Then we move on to check on Lex who is - as usual - listening to the stuff about Superman and having a meltdown about it and saying that he's waiting for Superman to show up. Lex is very much Lex in terms of every single version of Superman I've ever seen. He vaguely resembles Rosenbaum, but when I read it I didn't hear Rosenbaum's voice in my head. Instead, I heard the Lex Luthor from the animated series. This makes me wonder if I'll hear Rosenbaum's voice when/if Flash shows up? 

Anyway... we move onto a Russian spaceship that is checking for large planets or other things that can harm Earth. I'm not sure what they hope to accomplish here. I mean, they're humans. If a gigantic planet was hurling their way, what could they possibly do to stop it?

Turns out, not much. Something happens (not exactly sure what) and that then opens it up for a dramatic entrance from our star - SUPERMAN! He looks like Welling. He really, really, really looks like Welling. He saves the day and he even gets in some interesting dialogue. When one guy asks him for an autograph for his son because Sueprman's his number one hero, Superman immediately says that his son already has someone good to look up to - his father. Superman also cracks a bit of a joke about how he hasn't gotten around to learning Russian yet, but he'll get right on that. I was hearing Welling's voice in my head, so I could imagine him delivering that line in a very deadpan kind of a way.

And then... well... it's done. I'm not sure where they are going with this, but I do know that it's going to take a bit of an adjustment reading a comic book in less than 3 minutes that gives me a fraction of an "episode's" story when this would have normally been just the opening teaser on the regular show.

And I need less Chloe and a hell of a lot more Lois. But that goes without saying, I'm sure.

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