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Now THIS is more like it! First of all, we get Clois banter. (With shirtless Clark no less.) Second, no Chloe.

The highlights:

* The issue starts off with Clark and Lois talking to each other as they get ready in the morning. Clark's brushing his teeth and then making breakfast. Lois is drinking coffee and working away on her laptop. I would have killed to have seen Welling and Durance play this scene out on the show but I'm willing to take the print version. Especially because I adored this exchange:

Lois: You didn't just break the sink again, did you?
Clark: We both know YOU'RE the one that broke the sink, Lois.
Lois: To this day I shall attest it was your super-spit, Smallville.
Clark: Uh-huh.

In the kitchen...

Clark: (looking towards the wedding presents) Are we EVER going to send those back?
Lois: Why would we? The wedding isn't CANCELLED, just postponed.
Clark: Why do we have three blenders?
Lois: One's a food processor.
Clark: How do you know?
Lois: Shook the boxes.

Clark: Nice shirt. They got the "S" wrong, though.
Lois: Can you blame them? This thing is impossible to draw the same way twice. Made extra hard by you changing your wardrobe at the drop of a hat.
Clark: If you'd been shot by Kryptonite bullets --
Lois: I've been shot by regular bullets.
Clark: -- As many times as I have, you'd want LEAD over your heart, too.

* The rest of the scene is of Clark & Lois making out a bit while they talk about how much they missed each other & how they're like "two ships in the night". The idea is that Clark is kicking ass as Superman and Lois is kicking ass as a reporter. Also, Clark wants to tell the world he's an alien (something that hasn't happened yet) but Lois thinks that he should wait. It's interesting to note that folks saw all the slaves that were on Darkseid's planet and that's why they may not be open to hearing that Superman comes from another planet.

* Clark's line about "there's just as much BRIGHT out in the universe as there is the DARK" made me wish that Green Lantern would jump in and say, "That's my line BITCH." No, in all seriousness, I immediately started reciting "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!!!" This is clearly what happens to you when your daughter dresses up as a Green Lantern for Halloween.

* This all leaps to Lex Luthor who still has a lot of issues with Superman being all powerful. He's having a meeting with General Lane (who looks A LOT like Ironside; more so than Lois looks like Durance). General Lane states that the military is dealing with the situation because - HELLO - he missed his daughter's wedding because of this.

* Lex and Clark meet up at a newspaper/coffee stand. I feel like this character was around in the show but I don't remember him. We're brought up to speed a bit with how Lex's fuzzy memory situation stands. He's apparently pieced together that Clark & Lex were friends when Clark was in high school. Understandably so, he can't figure out why the HELL he'd be friends with a random kid in high school. Clark is a little snarky here and that causes Lex pause & he observes, "Quite an attitude buried under all the clumsy, Kent. Maybe that's what used to interest me about you." It's interesting that Clark can't quite manage to be a bumbling idiot with Lex even though it would probably be in his best interest to fly under the radar with the guy. That seems in-character to me when it comes to Smallville's Clark Kent.

* Tess (the ghost) makes an appearance. She's apparently haunting Lex (and still wearing Inspector Gadget raincoats).

General thoughts:

- No Superman in this one. I didn't mind, though.
- Clark looks like Welling in some panels and not others. In the panels where he is shirtless, they have given him a 15 pack. I'm sure that if Welling were capable of that in real life, we would have gotten to see him in the tights.
- Durance's Lois does not look like Durance much. That kind of bums me out.
- Weird side-note: I have the exact t-shirt that Lois is wearing and I also wear it to sleep.
- No explanation as to why they waited 7 years to get married, but I'm assuming we're supposed to think that they spend the next 7 years trying to get married and something always gets in the way. I still think that it's stupid.
- All in all, this one was WAY better than the last one (and seemed longer). This also seemed more similar to the TV show in terms of pacing and the way the scenes were laid out.

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