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Random TV Watch Update…

There are several things I love doing and watching TV is definitely at the top of the list. I have not found an addiction/passion to rival what I felt for Smallville (and Clois in particular) but I’ve been having a blast watching some shows this year that a carry-over from last year. Some new shows are decent but nothing to rave about. What are you guys watching and do you disagree/agree with my thoughts below? What's good that I don't have on my list?


Once Upon a Time: I almost gave up on it last year. The stories were going in circles and it was getting rather boring. Now, though, I’m addicted. Last season’s finale was a game-changer and this season has been getting better and better. Although I think they’ve made some dubious casting decisions (Aurora and Mulan are missing a key element in their performances known as “acting talent”), they’ve still managed to capture my interest in the new Captain Hook’s story and Emma’s backstory. They are managing to navigate the “flash-back” with the “flash-sideways” fairly well. If you happened to give up on it last year, my advice is that you catch up this season – it’s totally worth it.

The Good Wife: I was a pretty hard-core Alicia/Will shipper and now I’m actually rooting for her to get back together with her ex. How odd. I’ve been enjoying this season for the most part but Kalinda has gone from being a boring, over-rated distraction to being an icky and waste-of-space distraction. I literally fast-forwarded through every scene with her and the skeevy ex-husband.

How I Met Your Mother: I’m just in it for the Robin-Barney shipping. I know that it’s a ship that divides people and a lot of people think that it’s a waste of time. I’m still rooting for them and when the season ended last year with showing them getting married, I knew that I was never going to quit this show until it went off air.

Castle: I only ever watch this show out of love for Nathan Fillion. However, I’ve become a more regular watcher of this because I actually don’t mind the female lead so much anymore. I think they’ve done a GREAT job handling their relationship this year (take that, stupid “Moonlighting” curse myth!!!) and I’ve been really enjoying it. This is a show, though, that I catch up on in bulk – normally I watch 2-3 in a row once a month on a lazy Sunday while I’m doing laundry.


The New Girl: I have to watch this one is ‘real time’ (for me that means within 24 hours). This show went from being mildly entertaining to being downright hilarious and fun to watch. (I ship Schmidt/Cece like nobody’s business.)

Raising Hope: Kind of fun – this past summer, I caught up on the first seasons of it on Netflix and Hulu Plus and this is the first time I have to wait a week between episodes. I find that I don’t like waiting a week.

The Mindy Project: I watch this because of racial guilt. I admit it. She’s a South Asian chick. I am so blown away that a South Asian American woman can headline a show in the year 2012 (finally!) that I feel horribly guilty for not watching it. So I force myself to watch it. I figure that if she’s successful then – one day – my daughter will turn on the channel and NOT be blown away that women who look like her and talk like her are all over the TV.

Hart of Dixie: I want to love this show. But the whole Zoe/Wade/George triangle annoys the crap out of me. And I still find Lemon to be in need of a good slap to the face. However, I love Rachel Bilson and so I will watch this until the bitter end.

Parenthood: This is one of those shows that I love because of the people in it (Lauren Graham, I’m looking at you). They have so many characters that some plots are better than others but the whole always comes out to being better than just the sum of its parts. The cancer storyline with Christina has been especially moving… I recommend this to anyone looking for a great family serialized drama to watch.

Vegas: One of those I catch up on “On Demand”… I love Dennis Quaid and the serialized aspect of the story (the mob vs. this sheriff) but the “mystery of the week” makes me snooze.


The Middle: This is such a sweet show. We’ve started watching it with my 11 year old son because we feel like Axl is the slighter dumber/sports version of my son. He loves commenting on it and telling us the parents are just like us and wrong. I just wish that Patricia Heaton wouldn’t wear that hideous wig… would it be so bad if Frankie had a semblance of decent hair? I mean, you can be middle class and in Indiana and still have normal hair.

Modern Family: I feel like all the characters have become caricatures of themselves, but I still enjoy watching it. I don’t think it deserves all the awards it gets, though.

Suburgatory: Dallas and George make an odd couple. I’m not sure how I feel about them. I like this show more this season than last… let’s see how it goes when they bring Tess’s mother in.

Arrow: This probably deserves a post of its own for obvious reasons… I’m watching because it's about a Justice League member and Arnell's abs - but I am also starting to get a little bored.

Supernatural: I will watch this show until goes off air (whenever that will be). Having said that – they’re making it pretty hard to keep watching it. I’ve found quite a few of the episodes this season to be boring. And I feel like they seem to have forgotten some key plot points from prior years (for example, Dean keeps getting pissed that Sam moved on without him when he went to purgatory, but DEAN did that when SAM was tortured by Lucifer a couple of seasons ago… why does he keep forgetting this?).

Nashville: I love, love, love Connie Britton. But this show is kind of hit-and-miss for me. I feel like it's missing something. I'm a couple of episodes behind because I normally DVR this and catch up on a boring weekend. I enjoy it when I watch, but I'm not rushing to watch it. Last time, I realized it may be because Britton seems to be slower than most of the actors around her. Her response time is kind of slow... her gazes are a little too long. Her drawl is a little too drawn out. I think she may have some problems adjusting from Friday Night Lights. I read that FNL was shot in a way where each take was shot on mutliple cameras so actors could do the scene at the same time with no splicing later. It could be that Britton has problems with the usual way (they shoot the same scene multiple times from a lot of different angles and then splice it later in the editing room). I feel like the other actors are going at a faster pace than she is. Anyway... they need to ramp up the story or something because I don't know if I'm going to keep trying.


The Big Bang Theory: Love this show.

Up All Night: I want to love this show and will probably keep watching until it gets cancelled. They do plan on doing an overhaul and making into a multi-camera show, so let’s see if that makes it better.

Parks & Recreation: This is one of my favorite shows on air right now and – probably – on my Top Five list for the past decade. I adore it on so many different levels.

Community: It’s not back yet, but I’m counting the days until it is.

Grey’s Anatomy: I try to quit this show and then I get sucked back in. I can’t say I love it, but I don’t hate it either.


Haven: I have a lot of problems with this season, but I’ll stick to it until the season finale. Let’s see how it goes.

Fringe: I do not like this season and I’m behind by 2 episodes. The series finale apparently will air on my birthday. I’ll stick to this show until the bitter end (which is near) but I hate what they decided to do with the last season. I hope it all comes together in a good way, but I doubt it will.


Ben and Kate: I want to like this show, but I think they did a terrible job casting Ben. I feel like this is a really mean to say, but I cannot stand his teeth! I find it horribly distracting and so I don’t find him charming at all (and I think you have to find him charming to be able to watch the show). I love the girl who plays Kate and I think the show is sweet… but BEN! Ugh!

Revolution: I might still be watching this if the main girl didn’t make me want to poke my eye out with a stick because she’s so wooden and bland.

The Last Resort: I wanted to like this but the entire premise is entirely dumb. There is no way these folks would not get arrested and jailed the second they got back to the States. So there is no way to root for them to go home. And if we can’t root for them to go home (like we used with the characters on Lost) then why would I watch?

Elementary: It’s kind of boring and slow… the mysteries aren’t very compelling. And the two leads are kind of bland.

Glee: I used to get sucked into this show and now I’m done.

Private Practice: They killed off Tim Daly (a.k.a. Superman and Joe Hacket from “Wings”). No way I’m coming back for the final season. I actually quit this show a couple of seasons ago, but I normally come back for final seasons when I watched from the Pilot -- in this case, nothing will make me go back.

List of other shows I just can't watch (for one reason or another): Grimm, The New Normal, Two Broke Girls, Go On, Happy Endings, Covert Affairs 
Show I Need to Catch Up On

Walking Dead: Last season wasn’t that great, so I stopped watching until the final episode. I’ve been meaning to catch up with this and now have about 4-5 episodes to watch. That’s the plan for Thanksgiving weekend.

30 Rock: It’s the final season so I’ll watch; I’m still kind of over it already, though.

The Office: Same as 30 Rock.

Date: 2012-11-15 10:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I still obssess over Clark/Lois but thankfully I have found a new addiction now that Smallville is over. I'm absolutely loving Homeland. This show is just amazing. Great acting, great writing, interesting storylines, and amazing chemistry between the two leads. I also love that it's a show that is not interested in stalling and dragging things out. It moves at nice pace and it's just addictive.

Surprisingly enough, after a few seasons of Dexter getting worse with each season, I'm actually liking it again. It seems like it's going to be one of those rare shows that actually managed to become good again in later seasons. The first two episodes of s7 that I watched so far have actually been really great.

The Good Wife - I always thought the Peter/Alicia dynamic added a lot to the show but by the end of last season I was perfectly happy with the idea of them putting an end to any romantic stuff between them. But surprisingly enough, watching this season (I'm up to episode 4) I don't think I would mind them going there again.

Date: 2012-11-16 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Homeland is one of those shows that I would probably love as a TV watcher, but I can't watch it because of the themes and message of the story itself. I'm Muslim American and watching the show really makes me uncomfortable because I think it sends a bad message about Muslims in America. I feel like the story basically says that anyone who is Muslim (or comes in contact with Muslims) is probably a terrorist and you can't trust them. I have yet to hear of even one decent Muslim character written well in the show and - until I hear of it - I can't watch or support it.

"Dexter" is one of those shows I tried to watch (on Netflix - to catch up) but I was unable to do so. I'm not sure why -- maybe it was too dark for me? I managed to get through 2 seasons of "Weeds" and I am a HUGE fan of "Breaking Bad" (and "BSG" was also pretty dark) so I don't know why I think "Dexter" would be too dark. I've considered going back and trying the first season again because I think that if I gave it a chance, I'd probably get addicted to it.

With the "Good Wife" I think I've gotten to the point where I've stopped shipping. If Peter/Alicia got back together, I wouldn't be against it - but I don't think I'm actively rooting for it, either. I do with they'd get rid of Kalinda. I'm liking the addition of Amanda Peet & I'm interested in seeing where that goes.

Date: 2012-11-16 07:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I guess I don't see them handling it that way. But I can understanding wanting to avoid the show if you do. They producers have addressed that concern as well, especially with main male character (Brody) being Muslim. They've made it clear (on the show and in a few interviews) that his religion as nothing to do with his choices and it is rather there as something that brings him comfort and peace.

I thought I'd post one of the interviews where they brought up this topic if you are interested.

And the fact that he had converted to Islam while in captivity could be viewed in some quarters as a clue that he had indeed been turned and was a terrorist. What we wanted to do was pose that question, let people jump to that conclusion, and then try to disprove it, as a way of challenging people's fundamental assumptions about who Al Qaeda is, and separating those fanatical beliefs from the religion itself.

So that was our narrative strategy over the course of the first year. Ultimately, our view of Brody's religion is that it provides him with comfort and equanimity and repose in a crazy world, and it's not an excuse or an impetus for his actions against America. That's the distinction we've tried to make.

We have an Imam who is a consultant to the show, and we will be getting into these questions in Season 2.

I also find Brody to be an amazingly well written and fleshed out character. Possibly one of the best written characters on tv right now. They've also made sure to give Brody a really sympathetic reason for his decisions. One of the things the producers viewed as proof that did a good job in s1, was that they hadn't come across any fans who wanted Brody dead because they hated him, which means in way the audience couldn't help see where Brody was coming from and a part of them may have even wanted him to succeed. He is not the only terrorist character on the show to be given a sympathetic storyline, or at the very least was shown to place family over working for them. It's the Vice President, who is the target of the attack, that gets what is probably the most unsympathetic portrayal on the show, imo. Along with his wife and son.

Depending on what you mean by decent people, they are all pretty flawed people. If by Muslim character who is also not a terorist, I guess there is only one recurring character so far who fits that bill, and who as far as we know is a good agent and person and isn't as screwed up as the other characters.

I think it's a great show and I feel, that yes there are Muslim characters who are terrorists, but I think they have been doing pretty good of not implying that being Muslim automatically equals evil terrorist.
Edited Date: 2012-11-16 07:26 pm (UTC)

Date: 2012-11-16 08:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the info... it's nice to hear that they are at least trying to address those issues. I probably still can't watch it because I do have Muslim friends who watched and saw a lot of problems with the portrayal of Muslims and Islam. I think it's just one of those things where it's a sensitive topic, so watching something that could trigger some frustration would ultimately not be fun to watch. I don't know if that made sense - but I guess it boils down to: "is this show going to fill me with angst and anxiety or will it be something I can just enjoy?" In this case, I think it's the former and not that latter, so I avoid it.

Date: 2012-11-16 02:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's a good list, mine is very similar :D
- My current obsession is Castle, I've been watching the show since season 2 and I have always loved Castle and Beckett, they were my second tv OTP after Clois, and now I read fics and stuff like that.
- I'm also in love with Once upon a time, like you I was ready to give up last season but this season has been so much better.
- I only watch How I met your mother because of Barney and Robin, I couldn't care less about Ted and the mother

Of the new shows I'm watching Emily Owens MD (because of Justin) and loving it. I understand a lot of people find it blah but I can relate to Emily so much and I love her. I'm also watching Arrow and I've become attached to it, I miss Justin as Oliver though.

Date: 2012-11-16 03:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
How much did you love the sci-fi episode of "Castle"? So many shows (including SV) has done a Comic-Con type episode, but I think Castle's was the best I've seen so far. I loved all the little in-jokes about Fillion working on "Firefly". I loved how Beckett handled the costume thing at the end - she put on a Creaver head and he got all freaked out. I LOVED IT. I loved the little moment where he says, "If I were bald, would you still be attracted to me?" And she kind of hesitates and looks repulsed and he freaks out, going, "You wouldn't! You totally wouldn't! Oh my God!"

"Once" is really good this season, isn't it? I've been considering writing recaps for the show because I've been liking it so much.

I DVR'd "Emily Owens" but I haven't watched it. It just got such bad reviews that I wasn't able to do it. I suspect I'd be OK with it, though. I bet it'll cancelled (poor Hartley).

I miss Hartley as "Arrow" too... I think the show is OK, but I'm a couple of episodes behind mainly because I'm not riveted.

Date: 2012-11-17 02:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Enjoyed catching up on your TV watching.

Once Upon a Time was kind of dragging at the end of Season 1 until the finale, I agree with you there. I'm really enjoying the new season so far. This show is very hit or miss with me but... it's original enough and family friendly enough that I really miss it when I'm not watching. Also, Emma is my favorite character, I'd follow her anywhere. So even when I'm not on board with whatever plot is going on I still enjoy her. I'm starting to get to the point where I don't care if Bae ever comes back. The show needs to stop teasing and deliver on that plot. Captain Hook is delicious and I'm really looking forward to a showdown between Regina and her Mother.

I used to watch Raising Hope and I loved it! I need to catch up on that. Same for How I Met Your Mother, Mike and Molly and Big Bang Theory but there's something about 30 minute sit com TV. I can't keep track of a weekly schedule anymore. I'm so used to just watching TV whenever I want online or though my Cable provider.

I wanted to watch the Mindy Project for the same reason. I'm not South Asian but I am a woman of color so I'm always thrilled when a show is inclusive in a new way. The Pilot was SO BAD. Mindy is cute and I wanted to like it but... the writing is just... I don't know if it's trying too hard or relying to heavily on gimmicks... I don't know. Maybe I should give it another try.

I'm kinda MEH about Arrow and Beauty and the Beast but I'll probably give them another try because of Smallville nostalgia. Did you ever watch Saving Hope? I don't even know if new episodes of that show are airing.

I'm enjoying Elementary but I think it's just filling in until there are new episodes of BBC's Sherlock.

Why did you give up on Two Broke Girls? I kind of wanted to watch that show... one day.

I am so obsessed with the Walking Dead. I hate Zombies. So... I really enjoyed season 2. LOL!

I'll watch 30 Rock... one day.

Enjoyed your list!

Date: 2012-11-19 02:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm also looking forward to seeing the Regina/Cora smack down. I think it was a stroke of genius on their part to do Regina's redemption arc and to make Cora the Big Bad.

Yeah, watching TV in real time is almost impossible. I DVR pretty much everything and/or On Demand it. Even if I decide to watch something in real time, I wait 30 minutes in so I can fast forward through the commercials. The only thing - in the past 3 years - that I used to watch completely live was "Smallville"... and that was mainly because of the fandom. Nothing is really worth it to me like that anymore.

The Mindy Project is slowly getting better. I'm hoping it turns out to be like "New Girl", "Parks & Rec" and "Community" -- those shows took about 6 episodes in to figure out what they were doing and then became good. I'm hoping TMP goes that route.

I didn't even TRY "BatB"... I don't like Kristin Kruek... no way am I watching it. "Arrow" is meh for me, too. But it's Justice League, so I'm still watching. I tried to sit through "Saving Hope"... it was not very good, so I gave up. In Canada, they renewed it for season 2, but NBC cancelled it.

I need to watch BBC's "Sherlock" -- I've never seen it.

Two Broke Girls has comedy that is too broad for my tastes. A lot of jokes about sex and race with little to no narrative plot (with a lot of bad supporting characters). So I gave up.

LOL... I can see how you would prefer Season 2 then. I'm looking forward to catching up on Season 3, but it kind of sucks because I keep bumping into spoilers on every news site I go on. So I now I know everyone who dies. Ugh.

30 Rock... if you've never seen it, it's worth catching up from Season 1... it's a good show that can put a smile on your face.

Date: 2012-11-17 02:57 pm (UTC)
ext_251: (TV - Prince Edward Enchanted)
From: [identity profile]
Here are my thoughts on your thoughts!

OUAT: I definitely agree it's getting better. I particularly like the way they are dealing with the curse lifting and Emma in fairytale land.

HIMYM: I still ship Robin/Barney, but in a vague way. Not like the burning of when they first got together. I hope the show can get back some momentum as it finishes the series...

Castle: I've loved Beckett for a while now, so that helps me enjoy the show a lot more. Their romance is so cute right now, I hope that continues.

New Girl: I liked this so much when it first came out that I made it a Yuletide request in 2011, but it just gets better! Nick is my FAVORITE. But everyone is hilarious.

Raising Hope: It is still really fun this year, isn't it?

Mindy Project: I hope it does get better, because I REALLY wanted to like it. I love Mindy Kaling (her book was so great), and one of my favorite Community writers joined the staff after a couple of eps, so here's hoping.

The Middle: I caught up with this some time last year, and I'm enjoying watching in real time. Eden Sher is most of the reason I watch, though!

Modern Family/Suburgatory: They make me laugh, but I don't have any real FEELINGS about either of them.

Arrow: You know I love this. It's not Stephen Amnell, although when he smiles, he's gorgeous. I love Diggle, and Lauren, I love the secret identity play, I love the flashbacks, it's giving me my superhero fix, and I do think it's improving week to week.

Big Bang Theory: There was a time when I was head-over-heels in love with this show, but that time is long past. I still enjoy it, mostly for Amy. ♥

Up All Night: I dropped it because I just never had any Laugh Out Loud moments! I may try the multi-cam version when it returns, though.

Parks: The best of the longer-running sitcoms on TV. Classic.

Community: I am so ready for this to return, but also really scared about the quality. I will stick with it to the bitter end, though.

Ben and Kate: OH MAN I WISH YOU LIKED IT MORE. It's my favorite new show, bar none, it makes me laugh multiple times per scene, Kate is my awkward queen, Tommy is my intense enthusiastic TV boyfriend, BJ is so narcissistic and dry, Ben is goofy and random, Maddie is adorable and wise beyond her years. As far as Nat Faxon (and his teeth), I learned before the show premiered that he's the writing partner of Jim Rash (the Dean on Community), and won the Oscar for The Descendants with him. Writer-actors are my favorites, so I was already pre-disposed to want to like him, and his comic sensibility fits mine quite well.

What is the deal with Grimm, The New Normal, Two Broke Girls, Go On, Happy Endings? There's no info there. I adore Grimm, it's my in my top three dramas.

Season 3 of the Walking Dead has been pretty interesting so far, I think you'll like it. :)

Date: 2012-11-19 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I feel the same way about Robin/Barney... I do think, though, that if the series ends with them not being together, I will feel cheated. They've turned it into such a big thing...

I wonder about "Community's" quality, too... will it hold up? It almost seems like it'll be impossible for them to create stories like the one with the multiple timelines. I'll still watch, though.

Yeah, I think I knew that the guy playing Ben was an Oscar-winning writer... I agree that he's talented (he's even a fairly decent actor)... my reason is completely superficial and shallow, I admit! I wish I could look past it... for some reason, I just don't find him charming and so it is preventing me from loving the show. I love every other single person on the show and the writing - just not him.

Grimm, etc: those shows were part of the "I gave up watching them" section. I just didn't put any reasons why because I didn't have very good reasons (and the list was long). For Grimm... the two main reasons I stopped watching was because (1) I find the main lead to be very bland and just kind of THERE and (2) the show is very derivative. Normally, that doesn't stop me from watching something (because I live for fantasy/sci-fi shows) but - in this case - there was nothing original to hook me in. I think if there had been a shipping element (like Haven has) or a fun lead team (like Supernatural has) or even great world-building (like Fringe has), I would have kept watching. But I felt like Grimm had none of those things. So I tried to watch Season 2 and then gave up.

Date: 2012-11-27 04:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have to say after almost 2 years I still have not found a show to take Smallville's place. I have pretty much given up on dramas all together.

Grey's-Maybe it's just me but I have noticed that Shonda Rhimes' shows have a recurring theme. Whenever there is a disaster, it's always the worst possible scenario. There can't just be an earthquake, there also has to be a 9 month pregnant woman stuck in the mud who witnessed her husband drowning in front of her. Of course when she's in surgery the power has to go out at the most critical moment and she has to decide if she will use her brain dead husband kidney on her sick newborn. I feel like she has a little more finesse for this tactic on Grey's but her other shows are completely milking this, so badly that I have stopped watching all her shows, and I never started watching Scandal.

Castle-I started out liking this show but found the premise so unbelieveable that it took a while for me to just suspend my beliefs and just enjoy the chemistry between the actors. I still cringe whenever Castle is in some dangerous situation that no civilian would ever be exposed to. I'm behind on this show and ususally wwatch it On Demand.

Bones-Same issue as Castle, I never really got into it and watched sporadically and stopped watching last season all together. It doesn't help that it's seems to change schedule and go on hiatus for long periods.

The Closer-Really loved this show I am sorry to see it go. I have to say that I was not happy how it ended. I have tried to watch the spin-off but it's not the same without Kyra Sedgwick, but I haven't given up I will catch up and keep trying.

Arrow-Arnell is hot but I have to say I am underwhelmed by the actress portraying Dinah. I am behind a couple of weeks but I like Arnell enough to keep trying. Like you, if he's JL, I'm watching.

Superman: The Animated Series-I just recently discovered this show on HUB and I am loving it!! I don't follow the comics, but noticed that this Lois also calls Clark "Smallville", I thought it was just a Smallville(the series)thing, maybe one of the Superfans reading can school me.

Up All night-I really want to like this show, originally I started watching because I like the actors so much. Although this is Christina Applegate's show, I felt that Maya Rudolph happily stole the show and kept me from dropping it all together. I have to say this season I'm not quite liking the brother, but I haven't given up.

Big Bang Theory-Love, love, love, this show. The addition of Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, were strokes of genius. Penny finally telling Leonard that she loved him was so sweet and charming, a real highlight of the series. If there is anything I don't like, is the direction of Raj's character, he needs a girlfriend/boyfriend, stat!

Happy Endings-I'm sorry you don't like this one. I find it hilarious

New Girl-Great show, I love Schmidt/Cece & Nick/Jess whether they are together romantically or not I love the chemistry. I especially liked Jamie Curtis & Rob Reiner as Jess' parents.

Modern Family-I feel the same way as you about this one, but there are still so many great laughs that I still watch faithfully

The Middle-I will watch this show for as long as it's on.

Suburgatory-I am addicted. I don't know how long Dallas and George will be together, but they keep surprising me, I'm all in.

I could go on for hours. I am completely addicted to TV, and I don't want the cure.
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Date: 2012-11-27 02:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I completely agree about Shonda shows. I love your scenario - did that REALLY happen or did you make it up on the fly? If so, you should go get a job on her writing team!

I watched PP in the beginning because the actors just seemed like a dream team to me. Loved all of them from other things. But - after awhile - it just got so incredibly boring and depressing. I haven't watched even one minute of "Scandal" because of the same reasons you list.

Bones: I was a huge fan in the beginning and they lost me about 3 years ago. There was this point (I think the 100th episode?) where Booth tells Bones he loves her and she rejects him. I was done after that.

The Closer: Oh, I loved that show! Yeah, I wasn't too crazy about the ending myself. I thought that it was very anti-climatic how she caught that serial killer. I didn't watch the spin-off because I really watched for Brenda.

Arrow: Yeah, they need to figure out their Dinah problem. I'll keep watching but I really don't think it's as good as SV was at keeping people hooked. At least, not for me.

Superman TAS: Oh, you've never watched this before? IT IS AWESOME. Even more awesome is the Justice League animated series. I think that Lois Lane calls Clark "Smallville" in the comics, the animated series, and SV. I don't she does in any other versions.

I am also addicted to TV and don't want a cure. ;)

Date: 2012-11-27 05:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I did not make that up. Last year she had a brief running show called "Off The Map" and that was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back. She assembles these great casts, so you really want to like it, but like I said only so many disasters can happen. I miss PP because of the actors, but don't miss the stupid plot twists. Tim Daley was my favorite and I caught a show at the beginning of the season after he was killed off, I gotta say I didn't watch beyond the opening.

Forgot to mention The Mindy Project. I am charmed by this show, not just because it's funny but because it's nice to see people of color in all kinds of roles, not just the stereotypes. I'm Puerto Rican and would love to see more. Even now whenever I think of her Halloween costume Lil Wayne On The Prairie, it brings a smile to my face every time.
Edited Date: 2012-11-27 05:13 pm (UTC)

Date: 2012-11-28 01:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, I watched some of "Off the Map"! I must have quit watching before that episode. I thought the first season of "Grey's" was magical and I think she's just never been able to top it.

I quit PP way before they killed off Tim Daly, but I hung out for as long as I did because of him. When I heard she killed off his character, I knew I wasn't going back for the final season.

The Mindy Project: I feel like it is getting a little better, but I do need them to make Mindy a little less immature.


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