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Random TV Watch Update…

There are several things I love doing and watching TV is definitely at the top of the list. I have not found an addiction/passion to rival what I felt for Smallville (and Clois in particular) but I’ve been having a blast watching some shows this year that a carry-over from last year. Some new shows are decent but nothing to rave about. What are you guys watching and do you disagree/agree with my thoughts below? What's good that I don't have on my list?


Once Upon a Time: I almost gave up on it last year. The stories were going in circles and it was getting rather boring. Now, though, I’m addicted. Last season’s finale was a game-changer and this season has been getting better and better. Although I think they’ve made some dubious casting decisions (Aurora and Mulan are missing a key element in their performances known as “acting talent”), they’ve still managed to capture my interest in the new Captain Hook’s story and Emma’s backstory. They are managing to navigate the “flash-back” with the “flash-sideways” fairly well. If you happened to give up on it last year, my advice is that you catch up this season – it’s totally worth it.

The Good Wife: I was a pretty hard-core Alicia/Will shipper and now I’m actually rooting for her to get back together with her ex. How odd. I’ve been enjoying this season for the most part but Kalinda has gone from being a boring, over-rated distraction to being an icky and waste-of-space distraction. I literally fast-forwarded through every scene with her and the skeevy ex-husband.

How I Met Your Mother: I’m just in it for the Robin-Barney shipping. I know that it’s a ship that divides people and a lot of people think that it’s a waste of time. I’m still rooting for them and when the season ended last year with showing them getting married, I knew that I was never going to quit this show until it went off air.

Castle: I only ever watch this show out of love for Nathan Fillion. However, I’ve become a more regular watcher of this because I actually don’t mind the female lead so much anymore. I think they’ve done a GREAT job handling their relationship this year (take that, stupid “Moonlighting” curse myth!!!) and I’ve been really enjoying it. This is a show, though, that I catch up on in bulk – normally I watch 2-3 in a row once a month on a lazy Sunday while I’m doing laundry.


The New Girl: I have to watch this one is ‘real time’ (for me that means within 24 hours). This show went from being mildly entertaining to being downright hilarious and fun to watch. (I ship Schmidt/Cece like nobody’s business.)

Raising Hope: Kind of fun – this past summer, I caught up on the first seasons of it on Netflix and Hulu Plus and this is the first time I have to wait a week between episodes. I find that I don’t like waiting a week.

The Mindy Project: I watch this because of racial guilt. I admit it. She’s a South Asian chick. I am so blown away that a South Asian American woman can headline a show in the year 2012 (finally!) that I feel horribly guilty for not watching it. So I force myself to watch it. I figure that if she’s successful then – one day – my daughter will turn on the channel and NOT be blown away that women who look like her and talk like her are all over the TV.

Hart of Dixie: I want to love this show. But the whole Zoe/Wade/George triangle annoys the crap out of me. And I still find Lemon to be in need of a good slap to the face. However, I love Rachel Bilson and so I will watch this until the bitter end.

Parenthood: This is one of those shows that I love because of the people in it (Lauren Graham, I’m looking at you). They have so many characters that some plots are better than others but the whole always comes out to being better than just the sum of its parts. The cancer storyline with Christina has been especially moving… I recommend this to anyone looking for a great family serialized drama to watch.

Vegas: One of those I catch up on “On Demand”… I love Dennis Quaid and the serialized aspect of the story (the mob vs. this sheriff) but the “mystery of the week” makes me snooze.


The Middle: This is such a sweet show. We’ve started watching it with my 11 year old son because we feel like Axl is the slighter dumber/sports version of my son. He loves commenting on it and telling us the parents are just like us and wrong. I just wish that Patricia Heaton wouldn’t wear that hideous wig… would it be so bad if Frankie had a semblance of decent hair? I mean, you can be middle class and in Indiana and still have normal hair.

Modern Family: I feel like all the characters have become caricatures of themselves, but I still enjoy watching it. I don’t think it deserves all the awards it gets, though.

Suburgatory: Dallas and George make an odd couple. I’m not sure how I feel about them. I like this show more this season than last… let’s see how it goes when they bring Tess’s mother in.

Arrow: This probably deserves a post of its own for obvious reasons… I’m watching because it's about a Justice League member and Arnell's abs - but I am also starting to get a little bored.

Supernatural: I will watch this show until goes off air (whenever that will be). Having said that – they’re making it pretty hard to keep watching it. I’ve found quite a few of the episodes this season to be boring. And I feel like they seem to have forgotten some key plot points from prior years (for example, Dean keeps getting pissed that Sam moved on without him when he went to purgatory, but DEAN did that when SAM was tortured by Lucifer a couple of seasons ago… why does he keep forgetting this?).

Nashville: I love, love, love Connie Britton. But this show is kind of hit-and-miss for me. I feel like it's missing something. I'm a couple of episodes behind because I normally DVR this and catch up on a boring weekend. I enjoy it when I watch, but I'm not rushing to watch it. Last time, I realized it may be because Britton seems to be slower than most of the actors around her. Her response time is kind of slow... her gazes are a little too long. Her drawl is a little too drawn out. I think she may have some problems adjusting from Friday Night Lights. I read that FNL was shot in a way where each take was shot on mutliple cameras so actors could do the scene at the same time with no splicing later. It could be that Britton has problems with the usual way (they shoot the same scene multiple times from a lot of different angles and then splice it later in the editing room). I feel like the other actors are going at a faster pace than she is. Anyway... they need to ramp up the story or something because I don't know if I'm going to keep trying.


The Big Bang Theory: Love this show.

Up All Night: I want to love this show and will probably keep watching until it gets cancelled. They do plan on doing an overhaul and making into a multi-camera show, so let’s see if that makes it better.

Parks & Recreation: This is one of my favorite shows on air right now and – probably – on my Top Five list for the past decade. I adore it on so many different levels.

Community: It’s not back yet, but I’m counting the days until it is.

Grey’s Anatomy: I try to quit this show and then I get sucked back in. I can’t say I love it, but I don’t hate it either.


Haven: I have a lot of problems with this season, but I’ll stick to it until the season finale. Let’s see how it goes.

Fringe: I do not like this season and I’m behind by 2 episodes. The series finale apparently will air on my birthday. I’ll stick to this show until the bitter end (which is near) but I hate what they decided to do with the last season. I hope it all comes together in a good way, but I doubt it will.


Ben and Kate: I want to like this show, but I think they did a terrible job casting Ben. I feel like this is a really mean to say, but I cannot stand his teeth! I find it horribly distracting and so I don’t find him charming at all (and I think you have to find him charming to be able to watch the show). I love the girl who plays Kate and I think the show is sweet… but BEN! Ugh!

Revolution: I might still be watching this if the main girl didn’t make me want to poke my eye out with a stick because she’s so wooden and bland.

The Last Resort: I wanted to like this but the entire premise is entirely dumb. There is no way these folks would not get arrested and jailed the second they got back to the States. So there is no way to root for them to go home. And if we can’t root for them to go home (like we used with the characters on Lost) then why would I watch?

Elementary: It’s kind of boring and slow… the mysteries aren’t very compelling. And the two leads are kind of bland.

Glee: I used to get sucked into this show and now I’m done.

Private Practice: They killed off Tim Daly (a.k.a. Superman and Joe Hacket from “Wings”). No way I’m coming back for the final season. I actually quit this show a couple of seasons ago, but I normally come back for final seasons when I watched from the Pilot -- in this case, nothing will make me go back.

List of other shows I just can't watch (for one reason or another): Grimm, The New Normal, Two Broke Girls, Go On, Happy Endings, Covert Affairs 
Show I Need to Catch Up On

Walking Dead: Last season wasn’t that great, so I stopped watching until the final episode. I’ve been meaning to catch up with this and now have about 4-5 episodes to watch. That’s the plan for Thanksgiving weekend.

30 Rock: It’s the final season so I’ll watch; I’m still kind of over it already, though.

The Office: Same as 30 Rock.

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