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Whenever I see news items like this one, I miss LA with the passion of a thousand suns. If I were still there, I'd convince a good friend to stand with me in line starting 12pm and I'd camp out until 6pm in the hopes that two seats would open up.

I live fairly close to NYC but (1) I don't find a lot of these types of cool things in NY as much and (2) none of my friends here have a passion for TV or film in the same way my friends in LA did.

So... yeah... really missing LA and my friends there a lot right now.

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Last night's episode???


I've been a Barney/Robin shipper since the first time they played laser tag. When the show got them together (and then completely RUINED it), I kind of stopped watching. I'll check into the show every now and then, but tend to skip most episodes.

The last two episodes? I think I'm addicted to this show again and this ship is going right back up to the top of my list of ships that HAVE TO GET TOGETHER.
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Jade created a brand new forum for fans of "Once Upon a Time"... a message board for fans to really get together and have lots of fun conversations about the show. 

It can be found HERE

Come join in on the fun... We'll be talking about the 4th episode tomorrow as it airs. 

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Just found out (unofficially) that I got into the Masters program that I have been dying to go to for quite awhile now. I heard about this program about a year ago and immediately fell in love with it (and the school). Back in my undergrad days, I wasn't able to go to the school I wanted (or major in what I wanted) so I didn't want to pursue a grad degree I wasn't passionate about. Now, thank God, I'm not only going to be studying a subject I will enjoy, I'll also be going to an Ivy League school!!!

Now I just need to figure out how to make a day last longer than 24 hours so I can balance a full time job, 2 kids, and part time grad school in a way that doesn't make me go crazy. (Or make me give up any of my TV addictions!)
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Ugh. It just started out as simple lower right back pain on Saturday night. Fast forward to Monday evening and I'm checking myself into the ER to figure out how the hell to get the pain to stop. Get diagnosed with kidney stones - even though the doctor couldn't find hide or tail of one - and am sent home with tons of pain meds. Next day, I'm not only still in pain, but I'm totally sick because of all of the pain medication. My regular doctor checks me out and informs me that it's just a back problem & I have to sign up for physical therapy and take muscle relaxers. I end up getting a fever (since when does chronic back pain come with fevers??) and I'm incredibly uncomfortable all night (muscle relaxer didn't work). Today, I wake up and feel much better. BUT I can't go to the bathroom... nothing happens. And so I decide to take some pills for that... fast forward to about 4pm and I'm in massive pain. BAD cramps. Feel like I'm in labor (it's not a pleasant feeling) and I'm really nauseated. Throw up a few times, etc. And now... I'm exhausted. The cramping kind of comes and goes. I can't really keep anything down except a little bit of Coke. 

On top of everything else? I got my period. 

WTF. Just WTF. I have no clue what this is and what the hell is going on. I don't want to go to the ER again. They ran a bunch of tests last time and clearly had no clue what was going on. It's not like an MRI is going to look any different a couple of days later. 

UGH. Just ugh. 
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I really, really, really enjoyed the the first episode. I had a feeling, going into it, that I'd enjoy it because:

(1) it's about fairy-tales
(2) it's a twist on fairytales and
(3) it features a lot of strong women characters.

I'm interested in seeing where this is going. I wasn't a Morrison fan when she was in "House", but I really liked her here. I thought Goodwin was similar to her "Big Love" character, but I don't have a problem with that.

The only other random thoughts I had...

* Are we ever going ot get a hot guy on TV that is either as hot or hotter than Tom Welling? Seriously. Not even ONE GUY on this show made me drool

* How long can they sustain this premise? Will it get very old, very fast? I mean, at some point, we need the climax where Emma tries to kick the evil queen's ass. They cannot stall that until Season Five or something.

* Very much like "Lost" with the flashbacks and everything. But... again... I kind of wish Prince Charming didn't look like such a pansy.
It would make me more invested in the flasbacks

* I watched this with my husband... forced him to take a break from football to watch something with me, and he actually really enjoyed. Suprisingly. Also, if it continues to be this "clean" then I think I can let my 10 year old watch it, too. We may have found some family viewing!

* The evil queen? I'm gonna need more than just her being mean. She's a little over the top.

Did you guys watch? What did you think? Am I the only one who thought of the miniseries "The 10th Kingdom" when I was watching? And have you guys read a comic book series called "Fables" that's printed by DC Comics? Apprently, they're awesome.
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Apparently, I have very little to say about things that are not related to Smallville, Harry Potter, and fanfiction. So... I'm going to try to fix that. Starting with a post about  how I feel about Fall TV so far this year.... Just some quick reactions to various shows.

Returning Shows  )

New Shows )

So... what are you guys watching? Any new shows that you would recommend? Any old shows that you're happy with this year?

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My wand: ALDER WITH UNICORN CORE, TEN INCHES, SURPRISINGLY SWISHY (Not particularly happy about how it looks, but stoked that I got a unicorn core.) 
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It's so odd to be doing this, but I'm participating in a Holiday gift exchange for[ profile] hp_tng. I can't say which prompt I claimed (it's supposed to be a secret), but I can say that I'm very STOKED to be doing this. And, oddly, terrified. I was always a little nervous when I wrote gifts for people in the Smallville fandom, but my writing in the HP fandom is so new that I'm convinced that whoever reads it will go, "Eh? What the hell is this? This is not what I wanted!"

But... hope springs eternal that I can pull it off. It'll be posted here between December 1st - December 31st. It'll probably be a one-shot. For all you Harry Potter fans... be on the look out! :)

And... just because I think this is pretty... I wanted to share....

The Deviant Art journal of the artist can be found HERE.
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Does it ever happen that you read a book and you "see" certain actors/TV characters in the story? I mean, of course, I love Tom Welling & Jensen Ackles, so I have a tendency to see their looks in almost every single hero I read in any of my books (especially if they've got dark hair or brownish hair).

But... recently... I was reading a book ("Talk Me Down" by Victoria Dahl) and the two main characters are almost exact replicas of Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant (from "Haven"... they play Lucy & Nathan). What's even weirder is that the book is set in a small town and the guy (Ben) is a police chief! (Which is what Bryant's character is on the show "Haven".)

While I adore Lucas Bryant and his character (so frakkin' adorkable, it's not even funny), it's actually getting to be a little distracting.... kind of in a good way, but also a little weird. I even looked up the publication date to see if - maybe - the author got her inspiration FROM "Haven", but saw that the book came out LONG before the show came out.

Anyway... has this ever happened to you guys? That you're reading a book and you're like, "BAM... that one actor is THIS character..." or vice versa? That you're watching a show or a movie & suddenly you see these odd similiarties between the character/actor onscreen and book you read?

Another example for me would be Jessica Ann Woll from "True Blood"... for whatever reason, I imagine Rose Weasley (from Harry Potter's next gen) to look EXACTLY like her, because I can imagine Ron & Hermione having a daughter that looks like that.

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I can't believe the summer is over and it's time for the TV season to gear up again. Of course, I'm stoked about my returning favorites (it's so odd not to be doing a Smallville countdown this year).

Returning shows I can't wait for (in no particular order):

1) The Good Wife
2) Parenthood
3) Supernatural
4) Community
5) Parks & Recreation
6) Chuck
7) Modern Family
8) Fringe

New shows that I'm interested in watching (and hope don't suck):

1) Up All Night (Christina Applegate and Will Arnet as new parents? I've been dying to watch this ever since I HEARD about it... the promos just make me want to watch it more)

2) Whitney (when I heard about this after the upfronts, it seemed rather derivative and stupid. But the promos have sold me on this one... I want to watch.)

3) Charlie's Angels (I know you're judging me. I can feel the judgement coming at me in waves; but it's a show about 3 women who kick ass all while looking pretty... I can't help myself)

4) Grimm (fairytales... I'm sold)

5) Once Upon a Time (again... fairytales... I'm sold)

What do you guys have on YOUR schedule? What are you looking forward to coming back & what new show are you planning to sign up for?

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Life has been crazy busy. It all started with Hurricane Irene. Then it was Eid. Then I had tons of work at work (still do). And then I had to go to Chicago for a wedding. Just got back and work is... yup, you guessed it, incredibly busy. And the in-laws are in town. 

So - unfortunately - that means that fanfic writing in on hold while Real Life takes a priority. It really sucks because I've got all this great stuff buzzing around in my head, but no time to actually put fingers to keyboard to get it typed out. 

How is everyone else doing? I hope you had a great Labor Day! 

For all you writers out there: does this ever happen to you? That your Muse is more than happy to come out and play, but you have no time to indulge? 


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