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Just read an awesome book by an author named Marissa Meyer (the book is called "Cinder"). I'll post a detailed review later but I just wanted to post my absolute delight in finding out that she was a fanfic author first - on Livejournal no less - and then starting writing original work. Now, she's a NYT bestselling author. 

On her LJ blog, I came across this link she posted about fanfic authors. I have to say I'm utterly bemused to see that Jasper Fforde would look down on fanfiction when his entire Thursday Next series is BASED on the idea that there are no original stories and that everything is a copy of everything else. And even his seris is essentially a meta way of looking at fanfiction - the premise is that people can go into well known classics and change things around. What is that? META FANFIC. 

For those who want to check it out...
sanalayla: (Default) journal. I am attempting to be better about writing, but I feel like it's just a one step forward and two steps back process. There are problems that are bugging the hell out of me:

* I started out by writing in first person, because I thought it would be easier. Then I realized the story wouldn't work unless I got into the hero's head, as well.

* I can't get into my heroine's head properly. I can't even come up with a name that I think suits her. She's being all elusive and annoying.

* I have the central 'mystery'... and the general mythos of it all. I know what the major conflict is and why it matters. But I can't figure out what the action scenes will be to lead the hero from Point A to Point B to Point C... and so on until they get to Point Z. Did I ever mention that I suck at action? And mystery? 

* I feel like the first chapter is nothing but info dump, but I can't figure out any other way to get the information across.

Anyway... telling myself that I need to stop re-writing Chapter 1 & just move onto Chapter 2 already.
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When I wrote SV fanfiction, I played around with all kinds of writing styles: 

1) First person in past tense.
2) First person in present tense.
3) Second person in present tense.
4) Third person in past tense.

The feedback that I recieved seemed to indicate that most readers prefer the fourth option. In fact, when I wrote "Remember Me", a lot of my feedback started with: "I never read stories in first person narrative, but I decided to give this one a shot....."

When I look back, I think the two easiest stories for me to writer were "Undercover at Met. U." and "Remember Me". The first one was easy, because it was my first story EVER and I really didn't give a damn about things like POV and - you know - grammar.

"Remember Me" just flowed. For about two weeks, it was all I thought about and I would just sit down and write. It came so naturally to me and just WORKED.

So when I sat down to write my book, I decided to adopt the writing style I had in "Remember Me", because I thought it would come easily to me. And, to a certain extent, it has. I have thirty pages written and it was relatively easy.

But... I'm reading it. And I think it sucks. I don't think the first person style is capturing the essence of the heroine properly. Also, it's a complex world I'm creating and I can't help but feel that I'm not able to convey everything about the world in the way that would pull the readers in, because it's all coming only through the eyes of this one character.

So... what do I do? Write in third person, even though it's harder for me? As a reader, what do you prefer? A well written first person narrative or a third person narrative that allows you to get into other characters' heads? Like the hero's for example?
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I'm one of those writers who gets motivation from my readers. It's one of the main reasons I was able to write so much fanfiction during my time in the SV fandom. I need to hear other people saying, "OMG, what happens next??? Don't stop there!" 

Without that kick in the pants and that emotional investment in the stories I'm writing, I find it really hard to force myself to put fingers to keyboard. It's really hard to crank out 15 chapters when I'm not sure that anyone is even going to get past chapter 1.

BUT I'm attempting to push aside my issues so I can do the thing that I've always wanted to do: write a romance novel.

Since I've enjoyed writing about Clark & Lois love story so much and really loved exploring the Justice League, I've decided that I'm going to write what I know best. Which is to say -- writing about superheroes and their romantic entanglements.

I love paranormal romances, as well as urban fantasy. And I can't help but roll my eyes at all the vampires and werewolves that dominate the market. Where's the Lois Lane stories? Where's the story of the girl who falls for Superman? Or the story of Wonder Woman, who can crumble stone with her bare hands, but can't land the kind of date she wants? 

It's a story that really intrigues me. The world of superheroes and how it impacts their love lives, I mean. Just finished the first chapter in a book that is still untitled. It's about a girl with a few superpowers who wants nothing more than to hook up with the guy who works on the 13th floor & to hang up her superhero cloak to go live in the suburbs. She meets another superhero that makes her question her aspirations.

Is that a story you guys want to read? Do you think that there is a woeful lack of superhero chick-lit out there, too? 


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