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I looked back on the fiction books I read this past year and decided to rate the ones I thought were my top ten. Two thoughts occurred to me: (1) I didn’t read that much for pleasure because I read a lot for the three graduate classes I took earlier this year and (2) I didn’t enjoy a lot of the books I did read for pleasure. Anyway, here’s my list (after much soul searching). What does your list look like?

10) Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews: I read the entire series this year and I’m lumping into one as though it were one big book. Urban fantasy is normally not my thing. I don’t like the first person narrative, I don’t like the lack of emphasis on the romance, and I also don’t like that the same coupleRead more... )
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Hurricane Sandy landed in my state and I found that I had plenty of time on my hands. After flipping through my Kindle library for a few minutes, I arrived at the conclusion that I didn't have anything on there that I was really interested in reading. Ever since I finished "Cinder", I've been hankering for a book series of that sort, but haven't found anything that satisfied that itch.

My son had just finished up "Mark of Athena" and had been pressuring me to read the sequel to the "Percy Jackson" series for awhile. When I told him that I was at a loss on what to read, he rummaged around until he found all three (massive) books in the series and handed them to me. With absolutely nothing else to do, I armed myself with a flashlight and settled down to read the three books that have been published so far. 

I have to admit that I've been really enjoying them so far. I've finished the first two in the series and am now on "Mark of Athena" (I hate that I'll have to wait a year in between books from now on). The books are fairly cookie cutter and seem to follow the exact same formula every single time, but I can't help but be drawn into the story and I find myself rooting for the characters. I thought the Percy Jackson series (the first one) was a little childish but I read them with my son because I like to know what he's up to in the book world. This series is a little more racy than the first one (the characters are 13-17 and there is a lot of "he kissed her" and "she kissed him" going on) but it still very much reads like a kid's book series. It's been a little odd to do the head-hopping but I can understand why Riordan chose to write it that way. 

Anyone else reading this sequel or has read the original? What are your thoughts on it? 

I'm also thinking about diving into the books series called "Hex Hall" and since I'm fan of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series, I thought I'd give his new young adult novel a try. Anyone read those and have any thoughts on them (good or bad)? 
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Rescue Me is the latest by Rachel Gibson; it’s a (very loose) follow-up to Any Man of Mine which was, in turn, a very loose follow-up to Nothing But Trouble.

I’ve read the other two books in the linked series and, unfortunately, I found this book to be the weakest of all of them.

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