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I can't believe the summer is over and it's time for the TV season to gear up again. Of course, I'm stoked about my returning favorites (it's so odd not to be doing a Smallville countdown this year).

Returning shows I can't wait for (in no particular order):

1) The Good Wife
2) Parenthood
3) Supernatural
4) Community
5) Parks & Recreation
6) Chuck
7) Modern Family
8) Fringe

New shows that I'm interested in watching (and hope don't suck):

1) Up All Night (Christina Applegate and Will Arnet as new parents? I've been dying to watch this ever since I HEARD about it... the promos just make me want to watch it more)

2) Whitney (when I heard about this after the upfronts, it seemed rather derivative and stupid. But the promos have sold me on this one... I want to watch.)

3) Charlie's Angels (I know you're judging me. I can feel the judgement coming at me in waves; but it's a show about 3 women who kick ass all while looking pretty... I can't help myself)

4) Grimm (fairytales... I'm sold)

5) Once Upon a Time (again... fairytales... I'm sold)

What do you guys have on YOUR schedule? What are you looking forward to coming back & what new show are you planning to sign up for?

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Normally, on Mondays, I'm all about "House"... and maybe I'll throw in a little bit of "Castle" to admire... er... gaze... er... lust after Nathan Fillion.

But I have to admit that "Chuck" has got me hooked this season.

If you haven't watched last night's episodes, then spoilers under the cut! )


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