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Random TV Watch Update…

There are several things I love doing and watching TV is definitely at the top of the list. I have not found an addiction/passion to rival what I felt for Smallville (and Clois in particular) but I’ve been having a blast watching some shows this year that a carry-over from last year. Some new shows are decent but nothing to rave about. What are you guys watching and do you disagree/agree with my thoughts below? What's good that I don't have on my list?

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Apparently, I have very little to say about things that are not related to Smallville, Harry Potter, and fanfiction. So... I'm going to try to fix that. Starting with a post about  how I feel about Fall TV so far this year.... Just some quick reactions to various shows.

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So... what are you guys watching? Any new shows that you would recommend? Any old shows that you're happy with this year?

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Does it ever happen that you read a book and you "see" certain actors/TV characters in the story? I mean, of course, I love Tom Welling & Jensen Ackles, so I have a tendency to see their looks in almost every single hero I read in any of my books (especially if they've got dark hair or brownish hair).

But... recently... I was reading a book ("Talk Me Down" by Victoria Dahl) and the two main characters are almost exact replicas of Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant (from "Haven"... they play Lucy & Nathan). What's even weirder is that the book is set in a small town and the guy (Ben) is a police chief! (Which is what Bryant's character is on the show "Haven".)

While I adore Lucas Bryant and his character (so frakkin' adorkable, it's not even funny), it's actually getting to be a little distracting.... kind of in a good way, but also a little weird. I even looked up the publication date to see if - maybe - the author got her inspiration FROM "Haven", but saw that the book came out LONG before the show came out.

Anyway... has this ever happened to you guys? That you're reading a book and you're like, "BAM... that one actor is THIS character..." or vice versa? That you're watching a show or a movie & suddenly you see these odd similiarties between the character/actor onscreen and book you read?

Another example for me would be Jessica Ann Woll from "True Blood"... for whatever reason, I imagine Rose Weasley (from Harry Potter's next gen) to look EXACTLY like her, because I can imagine Ron & Hermione having a daughter that looks like that.


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