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Random TV Watch Update…

There are several things I love doing and watching TV is definitely at the top of the list. I have not found an addiction/passion to rival what I felt for Smallville (and Clois in particular) but I’ve been having a blast watching some shows this year that a carry-over from last year. Some new shows are decent but nothing to rave about. What are you guys watching and do you disagree/agree with my thoughts below? What's good that I don't have on my list?

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So, I read recently that the CW just ordered a pilot for a Green Arrow show. (HITFIX LINK.) Sadly enough, it looks like poor Justin Hartley is going to have absolutely nothing to do with the project. (I say "poor" Justin Hartley because the "Aquaman" show didn't get picked up - where he was the lead - and he played third/fourth fiddle in SV for years and - now - his character is going to get his own show, but some other guy is going to play the lead.)

So, here's my question - are you going to watch? Are you excited by the prospect? And did you also let out an evil cackle and say to yourself, "Clearly, the CW is missing the numbers that "Smallville" used to generate for them. Those bastards." )

Personally, I think it would have been better for them to do a show on the Flash. The Green Arrow seems too poised for angst and tragedy. And I also can't help but feel that this is DC Comics' way of putting on a Batman show without greenlighting Batman.

Also, I think I'm having difficulty imagining someone other than Hartley playing the GA. And here's - of course - the shipping question. Do you guys think they'd have the Black Canary on the show from the beginning? I guess the "star crossed" lovers thing works a hell of a lot better in the GA/BC relationship than it ever did with Clark/Lana. But honestly? It kind of seems like a drag when you know that Ollie cheats on Dinah and that they just split up in the comics.

What do you think? Will this be another "Smallville" or will it be "Birds of Prey"?

The other bit of Pilot news that caught my eye was the two orders of "Beauty and the Beast". (EW LINK.)

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Apparently, I have very little to say about things that are not related to Smallville, Harry Potter, and fanfiction. So... I'm going to try to fix that. Starting with a post about  how I feel about Fall TV so far this year.... Just some quick reactions to various shows.

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So... what are you guys watching? Any new shows that you would recommend? Any old shows that you're happy with this year?

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I can't believe the summer is over and it's time for the TV season to gear up again. Of course, I'm stoked about my returning favorites (it's so odd not to be doing a Smallville countdown this year).

Returning shows I can't wait for (in no particular order):

1) The Good Wife
2) Parenthood
3) Supernatural
4) Community
5) Parks & Recreation
6) Chuck
7) Modern Family
8) Fringe

New shows that I'm interested in watching (and hope don't suck):

1) Up All Night (Christina Applegate and Will Arnet as new parents? I've been dying to watch this ever since I HEARD about it... the promos just make me want to watch it more)

2) Whitney (when I heard about this after the upfronts, it seemed rather derivative and stupid. But the promos have sold me on this one... I want to watch.)

3) Charlie's Angels (I know you're judging me. I can feel the judgement coming at me in waves; but it's a show about 3 women who kick ass all while looking pretty... I can't help myself)

4) Grimm (fairytales... I'm sold)

5) Once Upon a Time (again... fairytales... I'm sold)

What do you guys have on YOUR schedule? What are you looking forward to coming back & what new show are you planning to sign up for?

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I'm going to talk about a show that (1) no one has probably ever heard of and (2) no one would ever think to watch, even if they'd heard of it. But for all those fans who understand what a huge Clois shipper I am, I just want to say that I ship Amaar/Rayyan as much as I ship Clark/Lois. 

Yes. That much. 

And this week? THEY GOT MARRIED!!! And it was the sweetest thing ever. These two characters are Muslim, so they couldn't touch until they got married and so the first time they grabbed each other's hands, I was probably freaking out as much as I freaked out when Clark grabbed Lois in "Crossfire". In the season finale we get the PERFECT kiss between Rayyan/Amaar. And I probably had a fangasm at the same level as when Lois ran towards Clark and jumped him in "Isis". 

So... to all those who ship with full hearts and shining eyes and always hope that a TV show is going to make it just perfect? I  just wanna share my happiness, because "Little Mosque on the Prairie" did that for me. 

And for those who have never seen (or even heard of the show), I'm leaving you this little gem. Remember that scene in "Smallville" where Lois opens the bathroom door and she's completely naked? And Clark just stares at her, all freaked out? Well, THIS is what happens when two Muslim characters are shown in a similar situation: 



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