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Jade created a brand new forum for fans of "Once Upon a Time"... a message board for fans to really get together and have lots of fun conversations about the show. 

It can be found HERE

Come join in on the fun... We'll be talking about the 4th episode tomorrow as it airs. 

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The run-off ballot to eliminate any ties on DI's Smallville Fanfic/Fan Art Awards are up and running. Go VOTE to make sure your favorites makes it onto the final ballot!!! 


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The deadline to submit nominations for your favorite fan fiction and fan media is NEXT TUESDAY!!! So, c'mon, folks: get to nominating. We'll be removing all award sub-categories that do not recieve at LEAST two separate nominations. So, if there was ever a fic or fan video that got you all choked up or kept you up at night because you love it so much? THIS is the opportunity to thank the person who created it.

To make it easy for you, there are THREE ways to nominate: 

1) Submit your nominations under each category through livejournal: Note that each category has a lot of sub-category. You can nominate up to three people for EACH subcategory. (Each sub category is an award by itself.) 

2) Send a PM to Rachel on Divine Intervention.

3) Send an e-mail to:

Nominating is SUPER EASY... go for it.

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I have placed an offer on the Help Japan community to write one Clois fanfic for the highest bidder. The donation that the bidder pledges should go to one of the charities listed on the Help Japan community (all proceeds, of course, going to help the country of Japan).

The fic will be 1-3 parts long (depending on how the story goes) and the winner can choose the story, setting, or any other details they definitely want included. They can also decide if they want a different pairing included in the fic, along with SVClois.

If you're interested, you can place a bid

Help Japan is a community that was created on 11 March 2011, to raise funds to assist Japan after being hit by both an earthquake and a tsunami. It is a multi-fandom, multi-media auction with the intention of uniting everyone with the one cause: to help Japan.

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I'm totally going to advertise the hell out of this thing. (Very excited.) 

We've all spent years on DI (in my case, I think that if I count up all the hours I spent on that board, it would probably add up to a year). And, yes, I know that there have been ups and downs in our fandom. What fandom doesn't have it's ups and downs? In the case of SVClois, I'd like to think that we've had more of an up period than a down period.

Divine Intervention - in order to celebrate the years of the SVClois ship, along with celebrating and recognizing the awesome fandom - is hosting a fan awards contest.

So head on over there and check it out. Start nominating your favorites!! Click on the image and it'll take you there. And...psst... pass it on.

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I finally convinced Jade to dust off her LJ account and to start archiving her fanfiction. Read more... )


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