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But I think what I miss more than anything is the message boards and the talking to the fans about the show & the couple. I miss getting fanfic ideas (what if Lois had jury duty?!?!? What if Clark lost is his superpowers and the two of them are stuck at an airport when Lois is on her way to a Pulitzer ceremony???). I miss that rush that comes with new spoilers (Comic Con's around the corner and we'll get nothing this year).

At this time last year, I was in the process of planning my trip to San Diego to go to Comic Con & meet up with 3 Smallville friends I'd met through the boards.

How much things change in just a year. :(
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I'm one of those writers who gets motivation from my readers. It's one of the main reasons I was able to write so much fanfiction during my time in the SV fandom. I need to hear other people saying, "OMG, what happens next??? Don't stop there!" 

Without that kick in the pants and that emotional investment in the stories I'm writing, I find it really hard to force myself to put fingers to keyboard. It's really hard to crank out 15 chapters when I'm not sure that anyone is even going to get past chapter 1.

BUT I'm attempting to push aside my issues so I can do the thing that I've always wanted to do: write a romance novel.

Since I've enjoyed writing about Clark & Lois love story so much and really loved exploring the Justice League, I've decided that I'm going to write what I know best. Which is to say -- writing about superheroes and their romantic entanglements.

I love paranormal romances, as well as urban fantasy. And I can't help but roll my eyes at all the vampires and werewolves that dominate the market. Where's the Lois Lane stories? Where's the story of the girl who falls for Superman? Or the story of Wonder Woman, who can crumble stone with her bare hands, but can't land the kind of date she wants? 

It's a story that really intrigues me. The world of superheroes and how it impacts their love lives, I mean. Just finished the first chapter in a book that is still untitled. It's about a girl with a few superpowers who wants nothing more than to hook up with the guy who works on the 13th floor & to hang up her superhero cloak to go live in the suburbs. She meets another superhero that makes her question her aspirations.

Is that a story you guys want to read? Do you think that there is a woeful lack of superhero chick-lit out there, too? 
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There is a blogger/TV critic that I really like (Ryan McGee) who writes incredibly insightful and fun commentaries on a lot of the TV shows that I watch. I generally enjoy his take on things, both in his reviews on various sites like HitFix and also on the podcast he has with another TV critic. Just recently, I read his thoughts on the season finale of "Smallville" and got curious, so I decided to check his archives for his recaps/reviews of "Smallville". And - lo and behold - he was a Lois Lane hater. And loved Chloe. All of his S7 reviews have some slam on poor Lois (in one review, he refers to her "massive forehead" which is - to me - just a personal attack on Erica Durance and makes my stomach churn with disgust). I even sensed some shades of the crazypants Chlois theory peeking out through the words.

Now... here's the thing. Should it matter to me? These reviews were written back in S7 (he didn't review S8, S9, S10). It's clear his writing style and the way he approaches TV critique has changed massively. (Much more professional and polished now.) On the one hand, I fully believe that people should be allowed to approach TV and movies however they want to and I should be OK with agreeing to disagree. On the other hand, I find that I can never look at Chloe fans in that way. When they make things so personal against Lois and become "Chloe fangirl/fanboy SQUEEEE" about the way they look at SV, I can't respect them.

So seeing that this blogger was once one of THOSE people, I just am completely bemused. What is he? A squeeing fanboy who has no common sense (anyone who thinks that Chloe was the best written character on the show and that Lois screwed her over - BACK IN S7 - needs to put down the crack). Or should I judge him based on his writing now?

More than anything, I want to know: when will I get OVER it? The series is over. Lois clearly "won" this debate. When will the point come in my life where someone praising Chloe Sullivan's character on SV doesn't make my right eye twitch and cause me to start convulsing? And go after them with a pitchfork? 
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I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty analysis of the final episode. Or do an in-depth recap that explains exactly what happened, shot by shot, and my reactions to it. Needless to say, I feel much the way the majority of the fandom does.

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Michael Rosenbaum’s scenes make me realize how much I missed Lex. How much more I would have been invested in the Luthor storyline this year if he had been a part of it. Was I crazy about the mind-wipe? No. But I enjoyed every single second he was onscreen and was left wanting more.

The 7 year wait has left me puzzled and quite taken aback. But I have reconciled myself to it and – at this point – can jokingly say, “Well, it isn’t Smallville if they haven’t made you at least fanwank A LITTLE for things to make sense.” It’s the last time I’ll ever have to fanwank and fill in the blanks for this couple. And the sadness of realizing that it’s over – that these are the final moments with SVClois - outweighs any frustration I have. After all, I spent years crafting fanfiction to explain all the things that happened offscreen with this ‘ship. One more time for the road, I guess.

Chloe was the only one who said “Superman”. Yes, I am feeling quite cheated by that. That will never change. No amount of fanwank and understanding of TPTB’s choice will make that OK. I waited 10 years for the moment where the entire world saw Clark Kent and uttered the word “Superman” and I will always think it was a terrible creative decision to give that to Chloe Sullivan and to do it in the narrative manner that they chose. The narrative device of Chloe reading her son a comic book that Clark’s entire history in it was poorly done and was a black-mark on the series finale.

The final scene – Clark on the roof; ripping open his shirt. It’s a scene I’ve played over and over again in my mind for 10 years. I think we always knew that this would be the final scene. It’s the obvious choice in how to end the series run. I think, perhaps, I would have liked a final flight (similar to the one we got in “Crusade”) but I understand the show’s limitations and how Welling felt about that.

What I will always remember about that final scene is the music. To have the full-fledged Superman score in the background made that scene for me. This is a series that started out in a town called Smallville where it rained meteor rocks. And that led to a young couple named Jonathan and Martha Kent finding a young toddler, while Lex Luthor – several miles away – became destined for great evil. THAT was a Superman show. And so it’s fitting that my heart was beating much the same way and I had the same grin on my face as I watched those closing credits.

There were scenes I didn’t care for – anything with Chloe in it, really. But that was to be expected. There were other scenes that I felt could be better; arcs that should have closed better. But – for the most part – I was able to say that it really didn’t matter. I have friends who were quite annoyed that the Green Arrow took out Darkseid’s minions in two seconds. Or that Aaron Ashmore was playing Jimmy Olsen. For me? It didn’t matter. They needed to give Oliver a heroic moment to compensate for his recent weakness. By having him kill the 3 minions, they killed 3 birds with one stone (so to speak). Aaron Ashmore playing Jimmy? I’m happy that AA gets to look at the DVDs and not cringe when he sees that he’s in the “Being Jimmy Olsen” featurette. That is no longer a lie for him and that makes me happy for the actor.

I would much rather have seen Perry White, but I appreciate that I at least got to hear his voice. (Did love the whole idea of Jimmy and Lois sensing the level of his ire by the number of “Great Ceasar’s Ghosts” he was on.)

Was it a perfect finale? No. But when has this show ever been perfect? But I’ve loved this show – imperfections and all. So I feel like I should embrace and love the finale inspite of its imperfections, as well. Or, perhaps, I should love the finale BECAUSE of them.

Before the finale aired, I said that no matter what happened, I would appreciate the hard work that went into creating this series ending for us. The love and investment that Welling and Durance felt as they approached those final scenes. That these folks – every single one of them – were thinking of their fans and trying to show their love for the fans in every way that they could.

As a fan, I can say that I saw that. And I acknowledge it and appreciate it. And I mourn what I know will be very hard to accept:

- No more spoilers at this year’s Comic Con. Or any Comic Con for that matter.
- No more hitting ‘refresh’ on the DI page, waiting for episode stills to come out
- No more frenzy of excitement over new Clois spoilers (from the little ones, like them being in the same scene together in S7 to the big ones, like they’re getting engaged in S10)
- No more waiting breathlessly for Durance and Welling interviews. (Welling’s being much more rare than Durance’s.)
-No more heading straight to the spoiler section of K-Site/DI every single morning (as I’ve done for the past 7 years.)
- No more countdowns to the season premiere every September. Some people think of September as the month where their kids go back to school. I always saw it as the month that “Smallville” came back.

More than anything… no more squeeing (and weeping) with the fandom during all the highs and lows.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share my love of “Smallville” and to read my fics. The comments you all left for me was such a huge confidence booster for me. It’s given me the ability to want to sit down to write my own book. To understand what kind of writing style works for me and what can resonate with an audience. So… thanks for all our years together. Hoping that we all manage to meet again and find a shared love & passion for other shows and ships.

See you around, Smallville fans.

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Smallville is almost done. This show started when my son was barely 4 months old. He just celebrated his 10th birthday. This show is entwined with my memories of my 20s, my early marriage, my early motherhood. And being on the message boards is what helped me get through the loneliness of moving to a new state, where we had no family or friends. I've written about 1000 pages of Clois fanfiction. 

And - tomorrow - the show ends. I am feeling so much loss right now. 
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Comics Alliance (very cool site that one can get lost in for hours....) just posted a column listing the best romances in comics. (In honor of V-Day.) 

Guess which couple is the FIRST one on the list?? So, of course, I need to spread the love! 

Link Here.

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 What happens when a show you love goes off air and their series finale is just absolutely terrible? Read more... )
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So, apparently, there was a gauntlet thrown down during a recent conversation I had with Jade. The gist of the convo was this:

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My thoughts are going to be extra-rambly. I loved this episode so much that I’ve actually watched it 3 times already. There are very few episodes I do a re-watch of, so I must have really loved this one.

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